Exactly one week ago, Times Higher Education (THE) released its ranking of Latin American Universities to the public. Many Argentines were shocked to see that the Universidad de Buenos Aires was nowhere on the list.

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But not all research or academic institutions have suffered the same fate. The SCImago magazine considered that The Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET), which is part of the Ministry of Science and Technology, as the best governmental entity of its kind in Latin America.

The specialized magazine elaborated a ranking of the best scientific institutions and universities focused on research and placed Conicet on the 158th place out of 5,000 organizations surveyed, a considerable improvement compared to the 220th place that it had got in 2016. Overall, the best institution in Latin America – taking both universities and scientific institutions – was the University of Sao Paulo.

SCImago Institutions Ranking, Latin America
SCImago Institutions Ranking, Latin America

The SCImago ranking assesses three main factors before defining each entity’s position. 50 percent of the final valuation is based on each institution’s research capabilities. Elements such as international collaboration, an investigation’s impact, and investigative excellence are all key factors that influence the SIR’s final ruling.

30 percent of each organization’s ranking evaluates innovation, and the remaining 20 percent considers the institution’s social impact.

The CONICET’s position this year is the highest it’s ever been. The institution began climbing up the ranks in 2009, leaving other Latin American institutions behind. From its original position at 399, the institution has been making its way to the top, of the region, at least.