So, who remembers that supersonic turbojet?

Do I even need to clarify as only two have existed in the realm of commercial airliners? Concorde was a joint production and development effort, a stab at an Anglo-French treaty of sorts. The behemoth catapulted transatlantic passengers to and fro for over 27 years, traveling at twice the speed of sound. This band is making quite a statement to name themselves after such an iconic piece of machinery.

“In all of our songs we talk about the innocence of being a child. The point is to live life to the fullest and the airplane represents that,” commented bassist/keyboard/vocalist Roger Zippel on the particular name selection, in a previous interview with European magazine cafebabel.

Tonight’s show is at La Cigale, 22 hs, here in Buenos Aires. The tour will continue within the city but at a different venue on Thursday evening, also 22 hs, in the Centro Cultural Matienzo. Thanks to the sponsorship of the French Embassy and some of the band’s local connections, we all get the chance to check out this new contender that is fresh on the scene in France and just starting to take off globally. Pun intended.

The band cites Joy Division, Talking Heads, The Strokes, Hot Chip, New Order, Vampire Weekend and Phoenix as their largest influences. Allusions to all of the above can be heard in the title track from their first album, Summer House.

Received warmly by the European press, the album is a steady balance between upbeat, synth pop and introspective wallowing.


While dark, this song titled “Be Cold” uses elements of contrast to take you full circle. Echoes and organs set a somber tone, but the synth ignites the transition into a jaunty, fast-paced melody— up until the conclusion devolves into a swirl of angst yet again.

With one full album under their belt, the guys set out for a tour in South Korea to open for Julian Casablancas. Upon their return they saddled back up to the recording studio and produced a new EP titled Floating There.  The band has come a long way since Candy Boy, their first big hit from Summer House. Their latest— and most scandalous— video “Son” accrued over 140,000 views on youtube in just two months. Artist Johnny Negron is credited for the animation, which depicts the metaphorical shattering of two women’s egos dependent on what they believe a male dominated society expects from them.

Floating There is comprised of four new original songs, three mixes + a radio edit. If music jargon is a foreign lanugage to you, an EP (Extended Play) is essentially a promotional maneuver to keep people talking. You have to keep your name in the game until you find the time to release a whole (other) studio album. Floating There acheives the goal of an EP with flying colors. The track is powerful and embodies the signature sound the band has been establishing for themselves: A roller coaster of emotional harmonies held together with succinct rhythms.

Singer and guitarist Clement Froissart told me that him and the rest of the guys were interested to see what this side of pond has in store for them, as they are more popular in Mexico than anywhere else. Other members of the band not previously mentioned include Louis Delorme on drums, and Max Zippel on keyboard, guitar and vocals.

“We just landed this morning, but so far we love the city. All the venues and people involved with the tour have made the process really smooth. We’re all surprised as to how easy this has been,” said Clement when I asked him his thoughts on their international tour experience so far. He seemed genuinely excited to be here and described the vibe in Buenos Aires as “smiley.” With the exception of the occasional crabby cabby who whines over your lack of cambio, I would have to agree with that one word summation.

Thursday’s show will also include a performance from the Gauchos, an Argentine electronic folk band. On Friday Concorde heads to Rosario to play the venue Downtown (23 hs), and Sunday they will participate in the Festival MUVA in Cordoba.