The first season of Riverdale will arrive 13th February. Via Netflix

We might be well over the halfway point of Summer 2018, but that doesn’t mean the scorching days are over yet. Your friends might be returning from coastal Uruguay and Argentina, quicker than you can say vacaciones. But that doesn’t mean you actually want have to see them, right? With fresh Netflix excuses hitting up your screen soon, why bother to leave your harmonious sanctuary of air-conditioned bliss?

With Valentines’ Day rapidly approaching (14th Feb), haters fear not, there’ll be plenty of reasons to stay in and avoid that over priced dinner date you didn’t want to go on anyway – you’re welcome.


1st Feb – Brooklyn – Nine – Nine

1st Feb – Teen Wolf

2nd Feb – Altered Carbon

If you didn’t think technology or ‘Black Mirror’ was already frightening enough, maybe ‘Altered Carbon’ can frighten you of its potential. A look at a dystopian future in 500 years time, where moral questions of immortality, and how much technology can mess with human life are asked.

7th Feb – Queer Eye

13th Feb – Riverdale

14th Feb – Legion

16th Feb – Everything Sucks

20th Feb – The Chronicles of Frankenstein

A gory and twisted reimagining of the 1811 novel will be available for those after something a little more bone chilling.

23rd Feb – Marseille

23rd Feb – Seven Seconds

Another compelling crime drama produced by Netflix. Seven Seconds takes a look at relations between officers and their respected communities, particularly looking at racial issues.


1st Feb – Foxcatcher

1st Feb – Fury

1st Feb – Guardians of the Galaxy

1st Feb – A Most Violent Year

6th Feb – Sharknado 5 Global Swarming

8th Feb   – When We Met

11th Feb – The Tenth Man

A home-coming movie that avoids being too cliché is how to sum up Argentine movie ‘El Rey de Once’. Mainly taking place in Buenos Aires, its a more or less an easy comedy.

13th Feb – Steve Jobs

As Apple continues its conquest of the technological World, what better time than to explore the successes (and plenty of failures) of the man all behind it.

19th Feb – Full Metal Alchemist

25th Feb – Veronica

A young woman finds herself plagued by evil spirits after messing around with a Ouija board. If this isn’t perfect date viewing, I don’t know what is.

27th Feb – The Danish Girl

Exploring the complexities and trauma of one of the first people to undergo a gender re-assignment operation, Redmayne gives a stellar performance.


1st Feb – Before the Flood

Dicaprio along with Obama, Pope Francis among many others visit various regions of the globe to look at the devastating consequences of Climate change along with what to expect in the future. A documentary to encourage all of us to take care of the environment a little more this 2018.

2nd Feb – Coach Snoop

A look at rapper Snoop Dogg’s time coaching teenagers in a youth football league.

6th Feb – Fred Armisen: Stand up for Drummers

9th Feb – Seeing Allred

20th Feb – Bugs

23rd Feb – Ugly Delicious