Although the days are slowly seeing more sun, a healthy spring-time run isn’t always top of the agenda. For those hung-over lazy Sundays or after a long day at work, what better place to be than sat with a sizeable pile of comfort food and Netflix by your side. Whether looking for comedy, foreign film or a powerful documentary, this November’s lineup will definitely fill your time. Snacks at the ready!

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So what’s on the menu?


Designated Survivor: November 6th

On the night of the State of the Union address disaster strikes. In true Hollywood style, a huge explosion claims the life of the president and the members of the cabinet, except for one lucky soul. Low level-cabinet member Tom Kirkman (award-winning Kiefer Sutherland) remains the only one left —  the designated survivor. Winning the most exciting new series by the Critics Choice TV awards, this suspense drama should see your nails getting considerably shorter.

Gilmore Girls (4 part miniseries) — A Year in the life: November 25th

The Crown (Season 1): November 4th

Lovesick (Season 2): November 17th 

Estocolmo, Identidad Perdida (Season 1): November 11th

Paranoid (Season 1): November 17th

3% (Season 1): November 25th 

Shooter (Season 1): November 16th 

White Collar (Season 6): November 1st 

Marvel’s Agent Carter (Season 2): November 1st


Divines: November 18th

A Paris ghetto where drugs and religion dominate life. Teen grafter Dounia is striving to work her way up the ladder, pairing with her best friend she decides to mirror the lifestyle of a well-known dealer. Following this path seems like a sure trajectory until she is introduced to a street dancer, where her life takes quite the unexpected turn. 

The Nice Guys: November 2nd

Mercy:November 22nd

The Hunger Games- Catching fire: November 19th

True Memoirs of an International Assassin: November 11th

Iron Man 2: November 1st

Iron Man 3: November 1st

El Apóstata: November 19th 

Kick-Ass: November 16th 


The Ivory Game: November 4th

This epic documentary saw 16 months of undercover filming in Africa’s sinister ivory network, a market which sees 104 elephants killed daily. Award-winning director Richard Ladkani and Academy Award nominated director Kief Davidson give a detailed insight into the global trade (a business worth $17 billion per year) and the life-risking efforts that wildlife activists have to take when fending off poachers.