Natascha McElhone as Karen and David Duchovny as Hank in Californication (Season 7, Episode 12). - Photo: Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: Californication_712_1664.R

Holidays are upon us! With frantic present buying, long lines and unrealistic requests on the horizon, we’re going to need some time to unwind. 

Needing to unwind on a plane? Well, Netflix has an answer. Using a feature that launched this morning, you can now download and watch select series in a new offline mode on your tablet or phone. For now the programs available are, Narcos, The Crown and Orange Is The New Black.  To enjoy this free perk you will need to download the latest version of the Netflix App on an Apple device with at least IOS 8.0 or an Android with at least 4.4.2.

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Here’s what is in store this month:


Van Helsing (Season 1): December 2nd

Club de Cuervos (Season 2): December 9th

Fuller House: (Season 2): December 9th

Californication (Seasons 1-7): December 15th

In serious need of a laugh? Look no further, your comedy fix is here. This Golden Globe winning comedy-drama follows the life of New Yorker Hank Moody. He lives as a troubled novilist, encountering many trials and tribulations in his quest for happiness, while repair damaged relationships along the way. What’s holding him back? Alcoholism, a sex-addication and an uncanny knack for making poor decisions. Running for seven succesful seasons in the US, Netflix Argentina now has access to the whole bunch.

Llámame Francisco (Miniseries): December 16th

Ajin: Demi-human (Season 2): December 27th

Merlí (Season 1): December 1st

Chasing Cameron (Season 1): December 27th

Four Seasons in Havana (Season 1): December 9th

Pretty Little Liars (Season 6): December 2nd

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 1): December 15th

The Affair (Season 2): December 31st


Purple Rain: December 1st

Here’s one for the music fans. This year hasn’t been a great one for the world of music, seeing the death of greats like David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and of course, Prince. For those wanting to reminise over the glory years, Netflix is brining the film that featured one of the greatest and well-known rock songs of all time, Purple Rain. Unsurprisingly, winning an Oscar for the best film music.

This autobiographical movie, shows the journey Prince underwent to find his feet in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Finding respite from a broken home in music, we see the story of “The Kid” as he wrestles with romance, rivalry and arduous individuals.

Barry: December 24th

Spectral: December 9th

Obvious Child: December 1st

A Most Wanted Man: December 2nd

Freeheld: December 7th

Captain Phillips: December 15th

The Intruders: December 22nd

The Rover: December 23rd

Hands of Stone: The story of Roberto Durán: December 27th

Nine-Lives: December 27th

Swiss-Army Man: December 29th

The Good Line: December 30th

American Honey: December 30th

Blue Jay: December 6th

Documentaries and Specials:

The Cuba Libre Story: December 8th

This new 8 part Documentary Special brings us the history of Cuba, from Columbo to Castro and everything inbetween. With exclusive interview from 50 of the most important eyewitnesss of Cuba’s history, first time access to Russian (Krasnogorsk, the Red Army and KGB) and Cuban national film archives we gain a new sight into the country’s turbulent history.

White Rabbit Project: December 9th

Our Last Tango: December 5th

Captive: December 9th

Where to Invade Next: December 28th

The Imposible Champion: December 15th