British Prime Minister David Cameron announced Thursday his plans to erect a statue of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Malvinas Islands (also known as the Falklands) next year.

Yeah. That one will sting.

As you may known, Thatcher governed the United Kingdom during the brutal 10-week war between Argentina and Britain, known as the Guerra de Malvinas or the “Falklands War”. Despite having technically lost the battle, Argentines know in their hearts who these islands belong to and will not give up the cause.

Even yesterday President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, while commenting on the historic agreement between Cuba and the United States, say that she hoped the UK would follow suit and engage in discussions with Argentina to talk about the islands’ sovereignty.

Puerto Argentino (or Port Stanley), the capital of the islands, already has a street named after the former Prime Minister but apparently they also need a statue. And it gets worse: In addition to the memorial, foreign secretary Philip Hammond announced that the archipelago (yep, the actual islands) will be receiving a medal on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II “in recognition of the assistance provided to the forces of the United Kingdom during the liberation”.

This medal honors the residents’ resistance during the Argentine occupation. Although this is not the first time the islands have received an award.

In the past, troops and residents were awarded with the “South Atlantic Medal” for providing aid in the conflict. Want more? The UK hopes to screen a series about the “Falklands” in 2015, honoring the islands.

In his announcement, Cameron accounted the distance between Britain and the “British” territory (13,000 kilometers) but claimed that their bonds are just as strong as ever. We’ll see.

Who knows what will go down once the statue is up.