Photo via Infobae.

You may want to avoid venturing down to the capital’s Centro this morning and early afternoon, or at least not do so by car.

A small army of some 400 or so combis — small buses/large vans — has posted itself in the area around Diagonal Norte and Belgrano and isn’t budging. The combi drivers, who provide transportation services to handicapped persons, are demanding additional government funds, which they claim have not been appropriately increased.

“Since October 2013, we’ve warned that the continuation of services for handicapped persons is in grave danger due to a failure to update the budget,” they said in a press release.

According to the protestors, failure to allocate additional funds will impact some 100,000 handicapped persons, 90,000 workers and 1,000 institutions in the country.

The protest — which included a giant inflatable wheelchair along with the parked vans — has blocked off three streets leading to the 9 de Julio.

Pissed-off combis. Photo via Clarin.
Pissed-off combis. Photo via Clarin.