Image Courtesy: Colin Swan

This Sunday 18th at 10PM, Paris Jazz Club BA will be performing at Club Cultural Matienzo, (Pringles 1249), some selected songs from Woody Allen’s films along with some others that they considered essential to for rounding off the set.

Besides being one hell of a writer and film director, Woody Allen’s other passion, (no jokes), as everybody knows, (still no jokes), is music and especially jazz. You could say that with a filmography of 1950’s-esque movies with jazz all over, there is a certain repertoire and, of course, a style of music that represents Woody Allen.

Paris Jazz Club has picked some of those songs with a New Orleans style and some New Yorker beats. They also go beyond director’s filmography and add others which, in their words, could have been selected by Woody… They will also have some invitees like Tomás Amante y Marina Wil and live visuals by Ivana Fernandez.

Show starts at 10PM and you can get tickets in advance for $70 + service charge here or take the risk and buy them at the door this Sunday for $90, (your choice).

If you are suffering from some neurotic infused existential depression and find yourself in need for a soundtrack to go along with your habit of roaming the grey city streets alone, you may have just stumbled on the best event EVER.