Fix that lamp, repair your toaster. Club de Reparadores is there to help you resuscitate your unused objects this Saturday at CC Matienzo at no cost.

There’s a solution for that lamp that won’t turn on, the missing knob of that useless blender or your gym bag with a broken zipper that’s been in your closet for two years. Before you throw your stuff out, there could be a novel fix for your problem — repairing the items in question and using them all over again. Don’t fancy yourself a viable handyman? No problem. There is a group of people ready and willing to help you learn how to fix your stuff, and for free to boot. The group goes by the name of Club de Reparadores, and they are bringing their free traveling repair fair to Villa Crespo this weekend.

Graphic designer Marina Pla and sustainability consultant Melina Scioli got together three years ago and created the sustainable design studio Artículo 41, a name derived from the article of the Argentine constitution that guarantees the right to a healthy environment, one of Pla’s and Scioli’s main concerns.

They entered a contest that focused on sustainable practices in public spaces with a proposal for a traveling repair education fair called the Club de Reparadores. The event is built around a public meeting point where volunteer repairmen and women meet up with members of their community and work together to save objects that would otherwise get thrown away or go unused.

Two years and 30 editions later, the itinerant fixing events of the Club de Reparadores have been held all around Argentina and the project is expanding, as associated independent clubs are popping up everywhere from Montevideo to Cordoba. “The Club works on different pages. One is by contributing directly by fixing objects to avoid the production of new trash and the other one is by impeding the eventual extraction of new prime materials to fabricate new objects”, co-founder Melina Scioli explains.


In this Saturday’s event, you’ll find volunteers to help you sew and mend, bind your books, get your appliances, phones, electric and electronic devices back in working order. You’ll meet people who know how to fix shoes, boots and leather goods, create small spare parts with 3D printers, bring broken toys back to life, get your bike rolling again and rid your plants of parasites, through the association “Un árbol para mi vereda” that will be collaborating in the event as well. Bear in mind that bringing a picture of your affected plant might be easier than carrying your potted plants around.

“There’s people out there with a knack for fixing things who want to share their knowledge and people from the same community with objects to fix who are eager to learn more and chip in whatever expertise they have. What we did was to put them together”, designer Marina Pla summarizes. On average, around 70 kilos of objects are saved from becoming garbage at a Club de Reparadores event. “All you have to do is show up with your skills or broken object (and spare part if required) and your irrepressible will to fix”, enthusiastic Scioli conveys.

This edition of the Club de Reparadores will be the closing event of  Encuentros Comunes, the international meeting on the collaborative economy and free culture on right now at Matienzo and Centro Cultural de la Cooperation.


Centro Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249


Saturday, July 1 | from 12 pm to 4 pm

How Much

Free to help or receive help.