Photo via Clarín.

The Cambiemos and Victory Front (FpV) candidates squeezed in their last words to the people on Thursday afternoon to officially close out their campaigns before getting their mouths taped shut (metaphorically, of course/unfortunately) with the start of today’s veda.

It was a “speak now, or forever hold your peace” kind of thing with the final elections 48 hours away. It was their last moment to shine and to be hella vague about how each plans to save us all. What did Cambiemos’ Mauricio Macri and FpV’s Daniel Scioli have to say before allowing you to go back to enjoying the sound of your own thoughts?

Scioli in La Matanza. Photo via La Gaceta
Scioli in La Matanza. Photo via La Gaceta

Scioli decided to end his runoff journey with two rallies in Buenos Aires Province: at noon, he made an appearance in Mar Del Plata — his campaign spot of choice. Around 7 PM, he went for a safe bet — La Matanza, a very Peronist district. After infamously divining the Pope’s words in his favor, Scioli played the people’s man card:

“It’s like one kid said to me today: ‘We’re voting between an arrogant Barrio Parque native [a wealthy neighborhood in Capital] and a man of the people from Abasto [a grittier, working/middle-class neighborhood also in Capital],” stated the FpV candidate in the coastal city.

Macri joined supporters in the northern province of Jujuy to recite his usual (yet final) campaign chamuyo at 7 PM. Before appearing in front of the people of Humahuaca, the former football executive made quite an entrance by invading” Perico airport with more than a dozen private jets. Plot twist: he then took part in an indigenous earth ritual paying homage to Pachamama (Mother Earth), asking the Pacha for “wisdom and strength.” His appearance ended with a smooth move to get down with the natives and chew on some coca leaves, a common practice in Jujuy.

Photo via Radio Mitre
Macri being oh-so earthy in Jujuy. Photo via Radio Mitre

While joined by most of the coalition’s important faces, the Cambiemos team was missing some key players; vice presidential candidate Gabriela Michetti wasn’t able to have Macri’s back in his last moments of campaigning due to her being hospitalized after a case of acute gastroenteritis. And Cambiemos heavyweight Elisa “Lilita” Carrió was advised not to travel due to the province’s low air pressure. But it looks like he survived without them.

“It’s happening here and now, we’re telling you all the way from #Humahuaca that together we are going to build a new Argentina. #IChange,” the tweet reads.

The first runoff in Argentine history is starting to close on us, people. If Macri wins, he would become the first non-Peronist leader in a long time. Will we see a pro-business, center-right politician end 12 years of Kirchnerism? Or the purported continuation of Néstor and Cristina’s legacy, Scioli-style? Either way, it’s going to be historic.