Photo via Cinema de las Luces (Facebook).

The historic cultural complex Manzana de las Luces is offering up another edition of the Cinema de las Luces, titled Cine latinoamericano bajo las estrellas (Latin American cinema under the stars), showing a different movie every week for free.

Photo via Facebook

The cycle, which takes place every Wednesday at 8:30 PM, is focused on bringing both Argentine and Latin American movies to the forefront, especially those that stand out aesthetically or for social themes they tackle.

The upcoming movie for January 11th is an Argentine film, La Guayaba (2013), written and directed by Maximiliano González. The film tells the harsh story of a young woman who is victim of trafficking and tricked into becoming something she would never dream of becoming. It was shot in Puerto Iguazú, near the border of Brazil and Paraguay. This is the home of Florencia (played by Nadia Ayelén Giménez), a 17-year-old girl who lives with her father and her brothers. At the beginning of the film it’s clear that although they’re poor and food is scarce, but she is happy. Despite this, her wish to help her father leads her to naively believe the promise of a job and a salary told by a charming woman. Suddenly, her days of looking at the star-covered sky and swimming in dark waters are left behind, as well as her teenage life, when she enters a much more sinister world.


Manzana de las Luces | Perú 222 (if it rains, it’ll be at Perú 272)


Every Wednesday at 8.30 PM

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