Jorge Oscar Chueco, a lawyer with ties to Lázaro Báez, has been missing since April 14th. Photo via Argentina Noticias

Jorge Oscar Chueco, a lawyer with close ties to businessman Lázaro Báez and a suspect in the “K Money Trail” laundering case, was arrested this evening in the Paraguayan city of Encarnación after a few days in which he’d gone “missing” and was thought to be either dead or on the run because of his involvement in the case.

Paraguayan Interior Minister Francisco Vargas confirmed the news in an interview: “He’s been caught and will be handed over to Argentine authorities” the Minister said, and went on to say Paraguayan authorities had already contacted Interpol to notify them of the capture and that they would “do the same with Argentine authorities.”

Why is Chueco so important? Chueco was allegedly the “legal brains” behind the money laundering scheme headed by Lázaro Báez. He bought SGI, known as “La Rosadita,” a financial company through which Lázaro Báez would have allegedly laundered money in and out of Argentina, and then transferred the shares to a Swiss company. He was supposed to testify before Judge Casanello regarding the investigation this week.

There were many conjectures and hypotheses regarding Chueco’s whereabouts and the reasons for his disappearance. His wife believed that he was in danger while the Misiones Province police disregarded the suicide hypothesis. Others, such as Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, thought he had escaped in order to avoid facing the justice system.

Chueco will probably be taken back to Argentina soon, where he will wait to declare before Judge Casanello regarding his possible involvement in what could be the most important money laundering case in Argentina’s history.