Photo via POMO Facebook Page

Does spending your Thursday night – free drink in hand – surrounded by contemporary art, jazz and funk sound good to you?

Great, then make your way on down to POMO in Palermo.

The party kicks off tonight at 10:30pm and is a unique event set up by three British guys in their early twenties; Jack, Will and Max, who’ve built up their joda experience by running their own events back home in Edinburgh and Bristol.

“We’re excited to put something together that’ll attract both locals and young people which is slightly off the beaten track.” says Max Carleton-Smith, one of the event’s runners.

With a totally doable entrance fee of just AR $50, they are also working in collaboration with Jameson Whiskey, meaning you get a FREE tumbler on the door — so you can wander round with your whiskey (however you like it), checking out one of the top up-and-coming spaces renowned by locals for its experimental and modern collection of art, before listening to some top quality music.

The line-up is as follows :

  • ATHOS (11pm – 1am) – a mix of blues, jazz and classics
  • Paradoks (1am – 3am) to amp up the vibe by bringing his selection of house and techno.

Try and get there in good time though, as space is limited given the venue’s intimate nature. Full info here.