Carly García, left, and Bruno Mars, right

We thought the worst thing about Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ platinum-selling song ‘Uptown Funk‘ was the mere fact that, even if you intentionally reside in some kind of cave, you will probably have heard the song an average of three times a day since its release in 2014.

But now there’s something even more funky at foot. Charly García, a man many consider the king of Argentine Rock, is accusing Mars of plagiarism. The claim is that Mars’ number-one song is a complete rip off of García’s classic, ‘Fanky.’

It doesn’t stop there. Not only does the bass riff stick too closely to the one from ‘Fanky,’ but even the music video, according to García, is an imitation of his own. The ‘Uptown Funk’ video’s location — meant to be a nod to Greenwich, an area of New York in which García lived — was allegedly filmed partly in a studio in LA. “He stole my clothes, my house, as I lived in Greenwich. Even down to the dance moves!” García fumed.

Two years ago, Santiago Torres picked up on the similarities and made a mash-up of the two songs, which he uploaded to YouTube:

García made the claim in an interview with Billboard, turning to his wife and saying: “What’s his name, the one who stole my song? He owes me 3 million dollars!”

If García wants to pick a fight with Mars and Ronson though, he’s going to have to get in line, for he’s not the first to have accused ‘Uptown Funk’ of borrowing from other ditties. Charlie, Robert and Ronnie Wilson — of the band The Gap Band — were actually eventually added onto the song as co-writers, after the band claimed ‘Uptown Funk’ stole inspiration from their hit, ‘Oops Upside Your Head‘.

The funk band Collage sued Ronson and Mars, accusing ‘Uptown Funk’ of being almost indistinguishable from their own song ‘Young Girls‘. This one probably has the biggest leg to stand on, that intro does invoke some severe déjà vu…