Entrepreneurs rejoice. The 2015 Challenge Cup is here.

And not just in general, but in Argentina. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, read on. This competition may actually change your world.

The Challenge Cup is a competition that identifies innovative startups working to enhance society in the areas of education, energy, health, and cities. The competition, created and produced by the 2-year old startup incubator 1776, is designed to offer exposure to new companies striving to globally amplify our world with their inventive efforts.

This year’s Challenge Cup, which began on October 21, will take place in 16 cities and 11 countries around the globe. Four startups from each city (64 in total) will be chosen to compete in the finals at the Challenge Festival held in Washington D.C. this coming May.

If you’ve taken the time to scour the list of 16 cities, you may have noticed that Argentina is not included. But I promise, it’s here. After a successful kick off last year, 1776 decided to integrate a new element into the competition: in addition to the 16 base cities facilitating the competition, 1776 initiated ChallengeX, allowing additional cities with affinities for startups to host their own. The winners of these associated competitions feed directly into the nearest Challenge Cup regional competition, and guess who made the list. That’s right, Buenos Aires.

1776 is partnering up with Startup Buenos Aires for the local ChallengeX competition this Wednesday, December 3 at 7:30 PM.  Both startup platforms are excited to be branching the competition off to include the startups of Argentina. Evan Burfield, co-founder of 1776, says that ChallengeX allows them to cast “an even wider net” and “give more startups the opportunity to present their ideas in front of mentors, judges and investors around the world.”

While competition registration is already closed, there are still a few spots open to attend. The event is taking place in the Buenos Aires offices of Google in Puerto Madero. If that sounds like something you’re down for, check out this link.

If not, keep your eyes open for the startups that The Challenge Cup will discover this year.