As collective anxiety over the rise of criminality levels in some areas of the country continues and society wonders whether lynching alleged criminals is socially acceptable (it’s not), here comes another dramatic display of how irritable we all are.

Hundreds of people had gathered in the town square of Machagai, in the Chaco province, to demand an increased police presence in the area after a recent double-murder case that had the entire population scared. At some point a businessman grabbed the microphone and began addressing the angry crowd, condemning government inaction while the town mayor, Héctor Vega, was on his phone a few meters away.

His demands were similar to the ones you hear everyday: more police officers on the streets, deploy the Border Patrol and vote all politicians out of office. But things turned brutal when the man with the microphone made a reference to the mayor’s children.

“He didn’t even care about his children, do you really think he is going to care about us?”

Things turned ugly in a little more than a second.



Vega, still phone in hand, sucker-punched the protester before he could even react, as the crowd tried to separate them. Turns out that the mayor lost one of his sons in a car accident in 2010, and lost another son to suicide last year. So the statement was insensitive to say the least.

After the incident the Machagau mayor offered a press conference and apologized to “his family, friends and everyone who was let down by his reaction,” although he said that his behavior was a response to the other man’s “gravely offensive attitude.”

Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.