Rita - one of Chacarita's most talked about eateries

Move over Palermo – Airbnb, the ‘homestay network’ giant has crunched the numbers and it looks like Chacarita is one of the trendiest neighborhoods not just in Buenos Aires but on the planet for 2016.

Before Palermo die-hards get their pastel colored panties in a bunch, the data supporting the superlative is linked to the relative increase in interest seen in certain neighborhoods when compared to 2015 – so there is still room for interpretation.

Chacarita has been showing up on the radar for a while though, with innovative gastronomic options like Rita popping up alongside art galleries, bars and cozy neighborhood cafes — it’s starting to become more and more obvious that this barrio has a lot more to offer than simply housing the second coolest cemetery in Buenos Aires.

The data coming out of Airbnb could speak to a larger trend though. The neighborhoods mentioned in the ranking (including Phoenix Park in Dublin and Sydney’s Chippendale) all have urban conveniences like great food and art options while still providing green space and a slower, more laid back pace when compared to city centers and more touristy areas.

It is also further proof that if you’re only hanging out in Palermo, you’re doing it wrong.