Gregorio Dalbón after the attack. (Diario Crónica)

Gregorio Dalbón, lawyer of ex-President Cristina Kirchner, was beaten early this morning by a taxi driver after they got into a political argument. “He told me, ‘I’m going to kill you,'” said Dalbón. The defender was taken in a neck brace to two hospitals, Ramos Mejía and then Finochietto, which treated him for blows to his face and body.

Dalbón has been discharged from Finochietto in stable condition. Though most details about the political scuffle remain unknown, according to Infobae, the taxista began to hit Dalbón after recognizing him as Kirchner’s lawyer. Dalbón represents Kirchner in some of her current lawsuits such as the ones against National Deputy Margarita Stolbizer and journalist Eduardo Feinmann for slander. “Kirchner was defamed by two people, and she wants to see them sentenced,” said Dalbón in an interview with Radio Splendid when talking about the cases. Stolbizer was taken to court by the former president for repeatedly calling her a “delinquent” and pressing numerous charges against her for alleged money laundering. Feinmann, a center-right political columnist, continues to deny Kirchner’s claims that he is defaming her.

Dalbón has notably avoided revealing whether this morning’s incident was caused by a political argument. He attributed the taxista’s attack instead to “insecurity, like that which many Argentines suffer every day.”