Photo via CFK Argentina

Last Wednesday, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner created a political party called “Citizens’ United Front” (Frente Unidad Ciudadana) with the sole purpose of avoiding competing in a midterm primary election against her former Minister of Interior and Transportation, Florencio Randazzo.

It has been confirmed now that Fernández will officially present the party to the public on Tuesday, June 14, at 2 PM, with a rally that will take place at the Arsenal Stadium, in the Sarandí district. The digital banner going around on social media indicates that the event’s slogan is “one for all.” She will be the only person to address the crowds at the event.


However, it’s still unknown whether the former president will effectively compete in the elections or if she will endorse a candidate of her liking. Her closest political allies have promised that she will, but precedent indicates that the only word we can take at face value is hers. What is clear is that she will have absolute control of who will make it to the tickets, a factor in which she would have had to compromise on had she agreed to compete in a primary.

Infobae reported that in her speech, Fernández will again call for the different Peronist factions to unite — another veiled message for Randazzo — and will focus her criticism of the Macri administration in two areas: insecurity and unemployment. She is promoting the idea that these issues increased in severity after the Cambiemos coalition took office in the national and Buenos Aires Province administrations.

In addition to the verbal campaign promises, Citizens’ United Front released a 22-page-long political platform detailing the reasons for its creation and the axis around which the campaign will revolve. The document is divided into two parts: in one, it criticizes the current government’s policies such as its “austerity measures,” “their deceiving of the people” and their intention to “make the rich richer and the poor poorer.” In the other one, it sets broad goals such as “getting back what has been lost: employment, salaries’ purchasing power and good working conditions,” “protecting the national industry” and “defending the social security system.” You can read the entire document here.

Last time the former president publicly addressed her supporters was on April 13, 2016, outside the federal courthouses of Comodoro Py. After appearing before a judge in the context of one of the corruption cases in which she has been accused, Fernández called for people to create a “citizens’ front” with the goal of “fighting back” against the Macri administration’s social and economic policies. She has decided to do this herself.