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Activists who went to the Comodoro Py courthouse to show their support for former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner clashed with police when the former president got in her car to leave the premises after testifying for the first time in a corruption case. Once tensions dissipated, Fernández stepped out of her car to greet some of the roughly 5,000 activists.

The clash between Fernández de Kirchner’s supporters and law enforcement officials took place shortly after the former president’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón, harshly criticized Security Minister Patricia Bullrich for organizing what he said was an excessive security operation. Dalbón argued that more than preventing any clashes and guarantee the former president’s safety — in theory the sole purpose of such a massive security operation — Bullrich went a bit (a lot) overboard and brought an amount of officers worthy of Pablo Escobar in order to “hurt and smear” his client’s reputation.

Photo via Tag The Bird
Photo via Tag The Bird

“What Patricia Bullrich is really a shame. Bring Comodoro Py to a lock down as if a drug-trafficker were the one that was scheduled to testify rather than a former president,” he said. Dalbón spoke to the press even though he only represents Fernández in civil cases. Carlos Beraldi, who represents the former president before the federal courts, joined Fernández in her appearance before Federal Judge Julián Ercolini today.

At least a couple of the roughly 5,000 activists who gathered in Comodoro Py to support Fernández also agreed the security operation was a bit excessive and said as much on social media.

Excesivo operativo de seguridad en Comodoro Py. No se preocupen que a Cristina la cuida su Pueblo!!!

“Excessive security operation in Comodoro Py. Don’t worry, it is the people who take care of Cristina!”

“It’s more than clear that if they touch CRISTINA we will all come out, right?”

“#LoveLoveLove and activism in Comodoro Py led by Luis D’elia and Gabriel Mariotto. On the other side, tanks and heavily-armed police.”

“Surrounded by border patrol officers and with water-cannon trucks, they welcome us at Comodoro Py. #EveryoneWithCristina”