Talk about an express visit. It took Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner some twenty minutes this morning to fulfil her day’s requirements over the “Future Dollars” case at the Comodoro Py courthouse. Cristina’s stay back home in Patagonia had to be cut short when her request to handle court proceedings in Río Gallegos instead of Buenos Aires (as previously arranged) was rejected by judge Claudio Bonadio.

Following her no-show in Buenos Aires on Friday, the judge issued a warning that if she did not comply with his requirements today (fingerprints and to submit to a “socio-environmental report”), she would be brought to the courthouse by federal police. Last week she accused the judge of imposing a restriction on her rights by forcing her to do something that the law does not require.

However she has since voiced compliance through a string of Tweets, documenting her journey to the courthouse.  From her flight information to details about courthouse procedures.

“Flash forward a day and I return to Buenos Aires, Bonadio, fingerprints and the socio-environmental report”

Cristina’s twitter activity over the issue has also raised some eyebrows:

“I arrive at the fourth floor. Two or three employees in the judge’s office. How strange, it always used to be full of people. Was it because of the time?”

“By this point, the economic disaster and political mess these people (government) have made means that they only have provocation left”

“Please, let’s leave them alone to exhibit, once again, their inefficiency and mediocrity…”

“The Government creates another chapter of permanent distraction as the only method of management …”

Kirchner is being prosecuted along with sixteen others. The “future dollars” case claims that the government (under Cristina’s administration) had instructed the Argentine Central Bank (BCRA) to sell dollars at a fixed rate in Argentine pesos for an undefined date in the future. The prosecution claims that the monetary authority US $10 billion worth of future dollar contracts, when in reality they amounted to US $15 billion.

“Following clear instructions from my client, with the purpose of clarifying these events that are being publicly investigated before an impartial judicial body, I request all measures be taken for this case to be moved to trial as fast as possible” reads a statement from the former president’s defence.