Photo via Telam

In line with her strategy of addressing the media outlets she ignored during her two terms in office, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner held a press conference this morning in the headquarters of the party she leads, Unidad Ciudadana.

Before taking questions, Fernández delivered a long statement in which she harshly criticized the Macri administration and assured that she’s victim of a judicial persecution, particularly focusing on Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio’s recent decision to call her to testify regarding the accusation made in 2015 by late Prosecutor Alberto Nisman, over her alleged intention to cover up Iran’s role in the 1994 AMIA Jewish center attack in exchange for trade deals.

“Once the elections take place, we will take this matter to the United Nations, because we are talking about something that can’t be judicially tried. An agreement between two countries is an act performed under the UN’s umbrella,” she said, making reference to the Memorandum of Understanding her administration reached with its Iranian counterpart, the object of Nisman’s accusation.

The prosecutor had argued that the Memorandum was destined to fail and served the purpose to mask its ulterior role: guaranteeing the impunity of the Iranian suspected of being involved in the attack and lifting Interpol’s red notices that prevented them – and still do – from leaving the country.

“We hold President Mauricio Macri responsible of using the judiciary with an obscene partisan purpose. It’s acting as a task force following the Executive branch’s orders. We hold him responsible of playing dirty, of harming the rights of millions of people,” she said.

In another passage of the conference, the former President warned that the government could tamper the upcoming midterm elections: the electoral process is endangered. In fact, it has already been. That question could be answered with what happened on Sunday, August 13 [the day of the primaries] when journalists stayed up until 3 or 4 AM, and went to sleep like millions of citizens, thinking that the government had won by an extremely large margin, when that didn’t actually happen.

Other highlights from the conference

“There’s an unprecedented and dangerous concentration of power.”

“There’s a systematic attack to social organizations and unions that seeks to criminalize them. We are not talking about awful characters, but unions such as the newspaper distributors one, which was intervened and then given back to its authorities. That generates fear.”

“There’s a deterioration of citizen security, illustrated by the Santiago Maldonado case.”

“The government is protected by the media, which hides everything that’s going on. In fact: they are depicting a scenario of economic growth, of social well being, that is far away from what’s actually happening.”