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CCK Celebrates Charly Garcia’s 65th Birthday

By | [email protected] | October 4, 2016 5:07pm


The Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) will be hosting a series of tribute concerts celebrating the 65th birthday of one of the biggest names in contemporary Argentine music — Charly García. The shows will consist of various musicians paying homage to the Argentine musical legend, each covering one of García’s many albums. With a discography of 36 albums spanning a four-decade career, chances are slim that the artist will be strapped for options.

Accompanying the performances a visual display will show García’s life with photos from Laura Tenenbaum and Maximiliano Vernazza. The whole event has been coined as “García’s October Series” by musician Darío Jalfin.

Here’s the breakdown on the upcoming performances:

  • Thursday 6th October: Confesiones de invierno by Javier Maldonado and Alfonso Barbieri
  • Friday 7th October: Peperina by Darío Jalfin , Los Alquimistas and Melina Moguilevsky
  • Thursday 13th October: Yendo de la cama al living by Tatadios Cuarteto, Florencia Ruiz and ChauCoco!
  • Friday 14th October: Piano Bar by Lucio Mantel and Rosal
  • Sunday 23rd October: Happy Birthday Charly. A special concert featuring all the performing artists.

The man behind the legend

García has had an epic music career playing alongside the likes of Sting, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen and Tracy Chapman. He kick-started his entrance onto the world’s stage by defining Argentine rock in the 70s with the first of his many successful bands Sui Generis.

1982 saw García start on his solo work, his first solo-album Yendo de la cama al living (being covered in the series) entered the charts with controversial content  one song — ‘No bombardean Buenos Aires’  famously addressed the Malvinas conflict.  One year later he topped the charts with the album Clics Modernos. That same year also saw his trouser-stunt, revealing his behind to a shocked Mexican audience.

However living the life of a rockstar took its toll, García survived a drug overdosed in 1991 after being hospitalised. Not one to let a medical crisis get him down, he surged back in full force, starting a concert by entering the stage in an ambulance later that year. In 2000 he shocked fans once again when a viral video surfaced of the star jumping nine stories into a hotel swimming pool. 

In 2004, Charly was awarded the Award of Musical Excellence in the Latin Grammy Awards.

Recently he has seen the limelight again with pictures uploaded to Facebook showing Charly in the studio preparing for what could be a new album. This comes after undergoing surgery in March this year. Also the first in a series official of biographies covering his solo career was published yesterday.