Now you'll giggle every time you read your funny (or probably unfunny) pseudonym.

In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with information, remembering something longer than your home address can prove to be a challenge. That is why sometimes your CBU (Clave Bancaria Uniforme or, in English, Single Banking Code), which is like the local version of the IBAN, can be very annoying sometimes.

The good news is that the Central Bank (BCRA) appears to have reached that same conclusion this week and announced that it will create a so-called “Alias CBU” instead by which bank users will be able to link their account numbers to a pseudonym of their choice.

Goodbye 22-number account combinations, hello endless possibilities for weird names.

According to the BCRA this measure comes as an attempt “to speed up transfers and make it easier for people to remember their accounts,” but we all know the real goal is clearing out space in our brains to make more room for videos of cute kittens and funny falls.

“Financial entities will have to adjust their online, mobile banking and mobile payment platforms to allow users to create, maintain and use a unique alias linked to the account number corresponding to each account,” reads the resolution issued by the financial institution.

Moreover, the Central Bank indicated that all aliases must be “unique and unrepeatable in the entire national financial system [just like the CBU, hence, the “unique” component of the name].” However, users will be able to “detach their pseudonym in order to link it to another account if deemed pertinent,” the resolution adds.

The measure will come into effect on December 12 and will work in the simple way you imagine: instead of accessing accounts by typing the original number, users will be able to do so with the pseudonym, which can’t be more than 14 characters long. Think long and hard before making your decision. It’s basically like choosing an email address.

This is important. You must have a funnier alias than your friends.