Why do they always look upset? Photo via minutouno.com

Several headlines from the past few days may have you believe Tierra del Fuego has gone back to the Jurassic Age, alerting us of an “invasion of carnivorous wasps” in the province. But before you start making plans to set the the Patagonian region on fire, it should be noted that these particular types of insects don’t actually sweep the land in tornado-like swarms or eat the flesh off your leg in three seconds. In fact, you might have even heard of them. They’re often called yellow jackets.

So while the insects themselves aren’t novel, what is unusual is the fact that they’re being spotted in droves in the southern Patagonian province, when they’ve normally kept to the northern reaches of Patagonia. According to Minuto Uno, local authorities are advising people exercise caution. “We don’t want to scare people, but we should take precautionary measures,” said Tolhuin Tourism Minister Roberto Berbel after several inhabitants of Tolhuin district brought captured wasps to the authorities. How they captured them, I don’t want to know. “Quickly go to a medical center in case you are stung and notice a sudden swelling of the skin,” Berbel added.

And to be fair, the suckers hurt when they bite. And these seem to be especially nasty: According to specialists, “regular wasps feed mostly from vegetable juice, but these ones can also eat bugs and decomposing animals upon a higher need for protein.”

So turns out there is some logic to locking yourself in a bunker with a monopoly board and 3,000 cans of chicken (they exist, check it and puke) until the wasps go away.

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