A car crashed into the gate entrance of Casa Rosada earlier this morning. An investigation of the car was performed by search dogs and the explosives brigade, but nothing troubling was found. The driver had all of his appropriate documents to show to the police, including a a certificate of disability. His name has not been released, but sources say he is between the ages 35-40 years old.

The man behind the wheel of the grey Renault 19, has been hospitalized at Argerich Hospital in La Boca. He is currently in custody of the police as further investigation continues. Judge Sergio Torres is determining whether the accident was simply due to the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if the incident was an intentional attack on “the Republic of Argentina.”

Until there is a verdict, no assumptions should be made about the intentions behind the incident. But if the car crash it revealed to be more than an accident, it will surely put police forces to work.