President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner decided to remove Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich from his post and replace him with Presidential Secretary Aníbal Fernández.

The announcement came today at noon, after the President’s spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro offered a brief press conference in which he told the population that Capitanich was being replaced by Fernández.

At the same time, Fernández will be replaced by congressman Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, until today a Lower House and Council of Magistrates member..

Capitanich is expected to resume his role as governor of the Chaco province. He had requested a leave of absence from his job in November 2013 after he was tapped by Cristina to join the Cabinet.

He will be in office until his term finishes in December 2015.

Capitanich did not address the rumors about his leaving, which began circling yesterday, during this morning’s press conference at the Casa Rosada.

During his absence, “Coqui” (as he’s usually referred to) was replaced by Deputy Governor Juan Carlos Bacileff Ivanoff.

This will be Aníbal Fernández’s second time as Cabinet Chief.  An advocate of Kirchnerism since its beginnings in 2003, he had already held the position during the President’s first term between July 2009 and December 2011.

Back in 2009, he was called on by Cristina to replace Sergio Massa, who was Cabinet Chief between 2008 and 2009, and is now one of the main opposition leaders and a strong presidential contender.

The President also decided to remove Health Minister Juan Manzur from office today, and will have him replaced by Daniel Gollan, a community health secretary. Manzur is likely to run for Governor in the Tucuman province later this year.

All new Cabinet members will take the oath before the President today at 7 PM at the Casa Rosada.