Presidential candidates released their latest advertising spots and pulled out their best (fake) smiles to try to capture remaining undecided votes.

You may have seen some already, since Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri and Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli launched theirs on social media a few days ago. However, the National Electoral Chamber decreed September 30 would be the day for new advertisements to be aired on radio and TV, so get ready to hear how awesome these candidates are for the better part of next month.

With no further ado, let’s take a look at what they’ve got.

Daniel Scioli (Victory Front)

The ad points to the need to “build from what has been built,” and outlines how Scioli’s administration would continue developing the current government’s main policies. After highlighting the successes of the Universal Child Allowance, the ProCreAr housing plan and the recovery of YPF, it sets its goal on reaching “a better quality of education,” building “a million new houses and more housing credits” and attaining “energy independence.”

“Argentina needs us to keep building on what has been built, because otherwise we won’t get nowhere. That’s true progress,” finishes the spot.

Mauricio Macri (PRO-Cambiemos Coalition)

Macri’s party released three ads focusing on what he outlined as the three main axes of his eventual government: “To wipe out poverty, unite Argentines and fight drug trafficking.”

The videos combine images from the usual political meetings he has with citizens all over the country with a speech he gave at a recent partisan rally. All of course, with inspirational music in the background.

“I want to unite Argentina with a healthier democracy where no one who thinks differently feels like they’re being persecuted,” he says at one point.

“Let’s turn this country into one in which we all feel we improve a bit every day. I propose zero poverty,” finishes Macri in another ad.

Sergio Massa (A New Alternative)

In line with most of his campaign, Massa focuses on his policies to fight drug trafficking.

“I want the army to be able to [stop drugs from entering the country] at the border and also help eradicate drug trafficking in marginal areas. We won’t adopt a passive approach like the government did,” states the candidate in the video, where he also takes a shot at his main contenders for not having outlined concrete proposals to tackle this issue: “I’ve told you my proposal, what do Macri and Scioli have to say about this?” he finishes.

In another spot, he highlights the importance of improving education and guaranteeing children access to learn through the latest technologies.

Nicolás del Caño (Leftist Workers’ Front)

In his spot, Del Caño highlights how different he is from the rest of the candidates for standing up to the “impunity of power.”

After featuring a speech (rant) he delivered before the Lower House, the National Deputy calls for the people’s support “in our fight for the rights of women, the youth and the work force both in Congress and on the streets.”

Margarita Stolbizer (Progressive Front)

As of Wednesday, the Progressive Front released two short spots where voters highlight the value of voting according to one’s beliefs. The candidate’s motto reads, “El voto ganado” which could translates to “the vote we earned, or the vote we won back,” which could be a reference to the popular Kirchnerite phrase, “La década ganada,” or “the decade we won.”

Adolfo Rodríguez Saá (Alliance for Federal Commitment)

The San Luis candidate has not released any ads on his official social media channels. However, according to Perfil, his message revolves around the country’s national character since he mentions several regional economies that are needed to “reactivate (the economy)”.

“There are 24 provinces we need to get ahead,” he finishes.