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Can You Guess Which Of These Were Actual Gifts Given To Argentine Presidents?

by . November 23, 2016

gift sword nest

To celebrate a new decree that requires all presidential gifts to be handed over to the state, we’ve prepared a quiz about the gifts that Argentine Presidents have received in the past.

Who gave who? When and how? When is a gift not a gift? When is it — dare I say it — a bribe?

Who accepted a Ferrari Testarossa from an Italian businessman and then drove it to the seaside town of Pinamar at record speed?

  1. Carlos Menem
  2. Hipólito Irigoyen
  3. Nestor Kirchner
  4. Isabel Perón
"It's MINE!"

Privately gifted sexy sports car completely compatible with the office of President

Carlos Menem. When criticised for this, he responded with the famous phrase: “it’s mine, MINE, MINE!”

At what speed did they drive the Ferrari to Pinamar?

  1. 100km p/h
  2. 200km p/h
  3. 150km p/h
  4. 50km p/h

200km p/h.

Ethical or unethical?

  1. Unethical
  2. Unethical
  3. Unethical
  4. Unethical

Correct, highly unethical and probably a bribe.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez gave what to Nestor and Cristina?

  1. A white dog named Simón and a replica Simón Bolivar sword
  2. A matching poncho and mate set
  3. Wax bust of Obama’s head and small vial of sulphur
  4. A lock of Lenin’s hair in a silver necklace
Simón is a Mucuchí, the national breed of Venezuela

Simón is a Mucuchí, the national breed of Venezuela

Simón and replica sword.

This raises an interesting question – given all presidential gifts must now be declared and handed over to the state, does Cristina need to give Simón to the Argentine people?

Which of the following gifts has Mauricio Macri not received?

  1. A wind chime or “angel catcher,” as it’s referred to in Spanish
  2. An onyx turtle
  3. A bag of cuddly toys
  4. An exquisite handmade sponge hat
  5. All of the above
Twin teddy bear set for the president

Twin teddy bear set for the recently-elected president

All of the above, as well as a lot of religious statues and footballs.

How many gifts as Macri received since coming into office in December of 2015?

  1. 80
  2. 507
  3. 898
  4. 143


CFK received what from Bolivian President, Evo Morales?

  1. A homunculus
  2. A human soul
  3. An orthopaedic heel
  4. Jewels
Did CFK receive a human soul from Evo Morales?

Did CFK receive a human soul from Evo Morales?

Jewels. They will never perish or die.

Fernando de la Rúa, famous for fleeing the Casa Rosada in a helicopter during the 2001 crisis, received what gift from a Spanish company with commercial interests in Argentina?

  1. A rocking chair
  2. Yarn
  3. Antique Chinese vases
  4. Exclusive backstage tickets to see U2 in concert
Chinese vases. Image via

Chinese vases. Image via BigBang News

Antique Chinese vases.

Receiving a complimentary flight to coastal town Nemochea – as former Vice President Amado Boudou did – is an example of unethical gift-giving that may inappropriately influence decision making

  1. Agree
  2. Strongly agree
  3. Passionately agree
  4. Agree so strongly that no modifying adverb can express the level to which I agree
"Can I field that one?" Amado Boudou via Diario Urbano

“Can I field that one?” Amado Boudou via Diario Urbano

What did CFK gift to Pope Francis?

  1. A framed photograph of the two of them (150 cm x 200cm)
  2. The Holy Chalice
  3. Mate and thermos
  4. Peron’s hands

Mate and thermos to heat up their frosty relationship.

Not quite as controversial as the gift Morales gave to Francis – a divine hand-carved hammer and sickle crucifix…

Hammer, sickle and Jesus

“Not sure what to say, Evo”

Mexican businessman, Carlos Slim, briefly the richest man in the world, gave which technological device to CFK during her term as president?

  1. An iPhone
  2. A Macbook computer
  3. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset
  4. Pedometer
Ironically named Carlos Slim, via Sopitas

Carlos “Slim”, via Sopitas

Macbook computer. Funny, because during her term CFK put a 50% tax on foreign electronics, basically in an attempt to block apple products from entering the country.

"Wow, you can't get these in Argentina!"

“Jau, I’ve never seen one of these before. Is it safe to use?” Via Taringa

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