Controversy over the power transfer ceremony continues as Cambiemos and FpV officials meet today in an attempt to reach an agreement. Photo via Clarin.

Outgoing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and President-elect Mauricio Macri are clearly too far down the rabbit hole at this point to redeem their behavior regarding Thursday’s power transfer ceremony, which both have unfortunately made the linchpin of what they see as their power and authority vis-a-vis each other. Which is just plain sad. Because, as we’ve said too many times before, we’re talking about a sash and staff.

Today, officials from both of their entourages are meeting to try and reach some sort of consensus regarding whether the ceremony will take place in Congress, as Cristina wishes, or in the Casa Rosada, as Macri hopes.

Representing Cristina, we have Vice President Amado Boudou and Secretary General Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro. On Macri’s side, we have President of the Provisional Senate Federico Pinedo and de Pedro’s future replacement, Fernando de Andreis.

Let’s just hope sanity prevails.

Yesterday, the nation’s clerk, Natalio Echegaray, told Radio La Red that Macri would officially become the new President once he was sworn in before Congress. That ceremony is set to take place at noon, meaning that if everything goes according to plan, Macri will officially be Argentina’s new President at midday.

(Previously, Echegaray had said that Cristina would remain President until midnight on the 10th. Turns out that was incorrect.)

This detail is significant because if Macri is President immediately after the swearing-in ceremony — and before the power transfer ceremony — he technically gets to call the shots regarding where the staff and sash hand off takes place.