Photo via Data 24

Joanna Picetti, the Cambiemos candidate for deputy in Buenos Aires City that the party decided to remove following the surface of child abuse accusations against her, continues refusing to step down and assured again that she intends to take office, despite the fact there’s a ruling preventing her from doing so.

In an interview with Infobae, Picetti said that she was never notified of this aforementioned ruling. However, she then said she appealed, which doesn’t make much sense. But legal inconsistencies aside, she said she intends to take office on December 10, along with all elected deputies. “I’m an elect deputy because I was elected in the primary and midterm elections,” she began.

Picetti was Cambiemos’ eight candidate for deputy in Buenos Aires City. Since the ticket headed by Elisa “Lilita” Carrió got 50 percent of the votes last Sunday, she would be the last party candidate to make it to the Lower House. But not if Cambiemos can prevent it from happening.

Picetti went on to say she feels “they wanted to kick her out” but she will fight bacl because she can’t “tolerate the abuse of power.” “Sometimes I get sad because I read the news and see that I’m labeled as the ‘rebel candidate,’ the ‘candidate who won’t do what she’s told to.’ And I ask, why if someone asks for my head I have to say ‘yes sir,’ and step down? No, I don’t agree with that, in no way. I lived this as an abuse of power against me and I won’t tolerate it. And that’s why I’m here telling my truth,” she said.

When consulted about the accusations against her, she said that “I’ve been acquitted in all cases. One has been archived and in the other one I’ve been acquitted by the prosecutor’s office, the first instance judge, the appeals court and the cassation court. I followed the due process and we were all acquitted. All of my family was, because the case is not only against me.”

However, party leaders seem to have already made up their minds about the issue, and are set on not letting her take office. In fact, Carrió assured she wouldn’t at the debate between the then candidates for deputies held in TV channel TN’s studios. It will be tough for her to change her mind before December 10.