A bad smell. Photo via joecephus.

Residents across the city of Buenos Aires awoke this morning to a strange smell of what people are describing as “something burning.” The smell was initially reported at about 2 AM and spread to Flores, Caballito, Palermo and Barrio Norte, as well as Avellaneda, Bernal, Quilmes, Lanús and other areas in Zona Sur.  

Twitter users expressed their confusion over what the smell was:

“Is there a smell of burning, or am I going crazy?”

“The smell in Villa Devoto is unbearable??”

Speaking to Clarín this morning, firefighters from San Telmo and Puerto Madero were just as confused as the rest of us, claiming they have yet to receive a report of a fire and have been unable to determine the source of the smell.

However, here at The Bubble, we’ve drawn our own conclusions: judging by the temperature over the weekend, where in Santa Fe it was literally raining fire, we think that the smell is of residents gently smoldering in their houses.