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Beer and burger places are real popular in Buenos Aires. During the past year burger places seemed to flood in at an alarming pace throughout the entire city, particularly in Palermo.

Who knows, the crazy might be wrapping up soon. Our oh so talented food writer said Buenos Aires’s gastronomic future may soon pass on burgers but leave craft beer on the menu in his prediction for 2017.

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If you’re not over the burger thing — to be fair there is a lot to love — Burger Fest is a seriously solid chance to taste the thousand variations of the iconic American dish that seems to be driving porteños crazy. This weekend, more than 60 food trucks and stalls will provide the perfect combination of carbs, protein and veggies. Of course, a full “nutritional” meal would be incomplete without dessert and wine, both of which have their own stands as well.

Among the participating stands are París Burger, Burger Mood, Francis Platz, Saint Burger, Mi Barrio, Big Sur, La Burguesa and many, many more. Sweet treats will be offered by Compañía de Chocolates, Guapaletas, Lucciano’s, Guilab and Melona.


January 20th and 21st | 7 PM


Hipódromo de Palermo | Avenida del Libertador 4101

How much

Prices vary according to the stand but the experience looks priceless.