Catching the colectivo is going to cost more starting Februray 1st, 2018. (Noticias Argentinas / Damian Dopacio)

The government has confirmed that fares on public buses serving the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires will increase from February 1st, 2018. However the Macri administration has remained tight-lipped about how much getting around on a colectivo could cost you in the New Year.

“What we can say is that the new fares will be gradual and will come into effect on February 1” said Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña on Thursday at a press conference focusing on  revised inflation targets.

Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich has been entrusted with announcing the new fares  next week, but Peña did hint that the new fares “are not only about the fare itself but also with tools to protect the most vulnerable.”

According to Infobae, one of the options on the table is the implementation of a fare that would allow for discounted travel if passengers use more than ride in a two-hour period. Currently passengers who must make connections pay full fare on each leg of the trip.

Train fares have also been slated for an increase.

While there has been speculation the minimum fare could raise from the current 6 to 8 pesos in February, the recently approved 2018 Budget reduces transport subsidies, indicating that further increases can be expected through the end of 2018.