Photo via Wikimedia commons.

The horrific weather we’ve been having in Buenos Aires lately has led more than one person to say that Argentina’s capital is starting to look like London. Pretty soon there will be another thing that will make the City similar to its British counterpart: a giant ferrish wheel. Although it likely won’t rival the London Eye, the giant observation wheel is set to overlook Puerto Madero and provide a unique vantage point to see the city.

Although this project has been in the cards for years, this is now the first time that it seems the plans for a public tender to build the attraction seems to be moving forward. The public bidding on the project could begin before the end of the year. The private company that wins the bid would then be able to sell tickets to recover the cost of construction, although it’s unclear how long the concession will last.

This new attraction will be housed in Dock 2 (Dique 2), behind the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) building.