costanera sur, en la entrada a la Reserva Ecol—gica por las Nereidas, para una nota del d’a sobre una playita. y nueva rambla FOTO ricardo pristupluk

Time to take a walk in the sand on Buenos Aires’ first natural beach. That’s right, this landmark addition on the coast of the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve marks a new City activity to cross off on the ol’ to-do list.

The beach is pretty lengthy, a little under 300 meters and was formed over time as the river washed up sand and sediment naturally forming the beach. With its official opening at noon today, you’ll be able to pay a visit from then on and form part of the reserve’s annual million visitors. Visiting hours will correspond with the rest of the reserve so from 8AM-6PM.

“This is the first and only beach in the city with a direct view to the Río de la Plata. We have created a new space along the river and have recovered the el Paseo de la Rambla (Rambla walk) that everyone can enjoy” said the minister of Environment and Public Space, Eduardo Macchiavelli.

Although swimming isn’t allowed, walks in the surrounding sands and greenery are encouraged at the reserve with its 160 species of native plants.

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