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After the City of Buenos Aires government did everything in its power to make it difficult for Uber to operate in the city, it is authorizing a new fare hike for taxis. If all goes as planned, fares will increase 15 percent in November, the Buenos Aires City government made clear today as it set up a public hearing on the issue for October 31. If approved, the starting fare for a daytime trip will jump from AR$20.20 to AR$23.20 while at night it will go from AR$24.20 to AR$27.80.

This would mark the second increase in the year after fares increased 20 percent in March. And it would come at a time when taxis have launched a fierce campaign against Uber and other apps, often by setting up road blocks and traffic jams.

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Taxi fares have been increasing dramatically over the past few years, rising more than 600 percent since 2008.

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