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Buenos Aires commuters were squirming with excitement over the news that the subway was going to stay open until 12 AM on weekends. Yet merely 2 days from the plan’s execution date, the decision was put on hold, under the pretext that schedule modifications could be a safety hazard.

The company Subterráneos de Buenos Aires (Sbase), The Union Asociation of Subway Workers and pre-Subway, and Metrovías had originally proposed the schedule change. In their previous meeting, which was held in early May, the unions had suggested subways’ operating hours be pushed back by half an hour.

Last night, a new meeting was held with the same participants. Sbase drafted up a formal request to postpone the change in schedule in order to “continue analyzing the functionality of the changes”. The reform was meant to go into effect July 1st, yet it seems union workers got cold feet.

The adjustments in the timetable indicated that the Buenos Aires Subway would move its original schedule by half an hour on weekdays. Meaning, the first train would leave the station at 5:30 AM instead of 5 AM and the last train would be bumped to 11:30 PM.

buenos aires subte

Whereas on weekends, operating hours would have been shifted by a whole hour. Going from 6 AM to 12 PM. Think of the entertaining subway pre-gaming possibilities! However, Sundays and Holidays would stay the same, with worker’s schedules ranging from 8 am to 10:30 PM.

Changes had even been approved by the residents of the City themselves, in what turned out to be Buenos Aires’ most participated in survey. A total of 511,016 people were in favor of the alterations, 84% of the total voters. Hard to remember the last time when porteños agreed to that extent on a reform.

Yet, my dear commuters, don’t lose hope, changes have simply been “suspended for the time being.”