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Looking for a quirky night out that doesn’t involve pulling an all nighter? Described as visual poetry, shows created by Al Ver Verás are a captivating way of seeing Buenos Aires downtown after nightfall. High up on a rooftop overlooking the bustling roads of Montserrat and beyond, the scene is set for an evening of the unexpected.

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Monserrat buildings are given a makeover. (Photo via Flickr)


Arriving at the secret address (the exact location is given upon booking), it’s not really clear what we should be expecting. Details of the event are brief, but the charm and magic of the show lies in the surprise.

Al Ver Verás, a group of six visual artists, musicians and a director, create evening screenings of light and moving images projected on neighboring buildings and blank walls, accompanied by live music. High above a lively downtown avenue, a singer, pianist and guitarist ease the audience in with a mix of rock, acoustic and electro tunes.

As a 360 degree show, viewers feel very much in the heart of the show, a part of the story and action. Mesmerizing and hypnotizing patterns along with short stories are scattered across each surrounding wall with spectators swiveling and turning heads to ensure they’re not missing out on the magic.

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(Recognize this? Photo via Flickr)


Buenos Aires in all its night time glory is used as the artists canvas, showcasing every nook and cranny of downtown, while life continues within each of the buildings, oblivious to the show taking place on the outside. However, the two work together in effortless tandem, and intermittent appearances of residents at their apartment windows along with late night office workers give the show an element of spontaneity.

Going since 2007, the group wanted to create an immersive and diverse experience for audiences, showing off the beauty of the usually congested and noisy downtown. High up above, the city couldn’t feel anymore different to the daytime suffocation we are all usually subjected to.

(Photo via Flickr)
(Photo via Flickr)


Reasonably priced (exact prices are given via a Facebook message), the event attracts a good range of both international and local young artsy types along with older types looking to see the city from a new angle.

Worth mentioning is the moderately priced and delicious parrilla that can be bought whilst waiting for the show to start along with beer or cocktails. A pro – tip would be to get there on time, grab a bite to eat and then claim a front row spot – the terrace fills quickly.

An excellent, creative date choice that steers away from the obvious dinner and drinks combo, if you’re lucky they may even have a couple of spots for all of you who still feel clueless about tonight (it’s Valentine’s Day, duh).

Check the Al Ver Verás Facebook page for more details and to make reservations.