Journalist Pablo Duggan paid a visit to the popular Palermo restaurant ‘Olsen’ last week. Unfortunately, however, the evening was not a success; with Duggan promptly taking to twitter afterwards to express his horror after allegedly spotting ‘four rats’ running through the restaurant.

The Government Control Agency duly carried out an inspection of the restaurant and found rodent faeces and issued an order for its closure.

Once again, Duggan announced the news on Twitter; writing: ‘AGC Control inspected the restaurant Olsen and found rat excrement. The place is closed. Good work by the Agency.’

Workers at Olsen questioned on the incident not only denied its closing down, but also said that the restaurant was ‘closed for an event.’

Complicating matters even further, there have been reports that the restaurant broke the “clausura” seal last night and tried to open anyway according to a post on the closed Facebook group Buena Morfa.

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As the controversy unfolded, ‘Masterchef’ Germán Martitegui was thought to have owned or had heavy involvement with Olsen. The renown chef, and owner of the wildly popular Tegui has since taken to social media to distance himself from Olsen, saying “I am only owner of one restaurant in the world, Tegui, to which I dedicate the greater part of my life. It’s open, functioning, clean, fresh [and] full of happiness and incredible people.”

This statement stands in contrast to the habit of Olsen’s social media platforms citing Martitegui as being an integral part of the restaurant’s vision. The popular reservation website Restaurando mentions Martitegui in the second line of it’s profile on the restaurant, saying that “chef Germán Martitegui presents an experience where [everything] not just the food stands out.”

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Olsen has been contacted for comment. The Bubble will publish updates as they become available.

Editor’s note: The original posting of the event cited Martitegui as owner of Olsen. This has since come into question and does not appear to be the case.