According to the budget bill for 2018, the Macri administration is planning on investing more than AR$ 50 billion in public works, and intends to give the Buenos Aires province roughly 26 percent of those funds. The Provinces of Santa Fe, Río Negro and Córdoba are set to follow suit: they will receive 11, 10 and seven percent of the total budget, respectively.

At the bottom of the list are the provinces of San Luis, Santiago Del Estéro and Catamarca, which will get AR$ 314, 419 and 458 million, respectively. Not a lot, compared to the almost AR$ 13 billion that the Buenos Aires Province will get. However, it’s fair to take into account that the latter is by far the most populous district in the country, and therefore gets more money. The only exception to this proportional rule is Río Negro.

The great majority of the funds that the most benefited provinces will get, will be destined to build roads and other works that will be conducted by the ministry of transportation.