Mercer consulting firm published this week its ranking of cities with the best quality of life in the world for 2016: the City of Buenos Aires came out 93rd, the same place it got last year. Pretty far away from Vienna, the capital of Austria, which came out on top for the eight year in a row. But much further away from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, which came out last, in the 231st spot. It’s all about perspective and finding the silver linings, you know.

To elaborate the ranking, the consulting firm took into account factors such as political stability, education, crime, recreation and transportation. So while we can be quite proud of our recreational activities, we can also see why we wouldn’t place so high in the other categories.

Nonetheless, the City ranked as the third best in Latin America, after San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico (place 75th), and Montevideo (which placed 79th). Even though they both ranked higher than BA, they both dropped one spot.

Some of the largest metropolis such as London, Paris, Tokyo and New York were left out, as the best spots were generally taken by cities in Germany, the Scandinavian region, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In fact, Zurich (Switzerland), Auckland (New Zealand), Munich (Germany) and Vancouver (Canada), followed Vienna in the top 5.

The complete list consists of 231 cities and this helps companies and organization determine compensation and premiums for each city’s the living conditions.