Only three days ago, 12 lucky couples got the chance to tie the knot in the Teatro Colón. Despite some negative sputtering form some Argentine Twitter users,the emblematic building became a civil registry office for the day. It seems like that initiative was just the beginning. The huge success and widespread approval of what turned out to be a pilot test led the City government to open the doors of other famous spots around town to serve as sites for civil ceremonies too.

The City’s government website now lets couples book their civil ceremony through a ‘Matrimonio en Lugares Emblemáticos’ (Weddings in Emblematic Places) option, allowing people to chose between eight different venues across the City. Palermo’s Rosedal, the Gazebo in Belgrano, Chinatown, the Chacra de los Remedios in Avellaneda Park, the Marcó del Pont house in Flores, the South Cultural Space in Constitución, the 25 de Mayo Theater and the Usina del Arte are the venues that will function as civil registry offices for a day in the 2017 Valentine’s Day week.
Barrancas de Belgrano’s Gazebo. Photo via

According to Télam, there’ll be a collective group of weddings each day, from February 12th to February 17th. Twelve couples will get married at the Usina del Arte, the Rosedal, the 25 de Mayo Theatre, the Barrancas de Belgrano’s Gazebo and the South Cultural Space, respectively. The Marcó del Pont house, the Chacra de los Remedios and Barrio Chino are eligible in March and April.

In place of the Colón Theater’s raffle, this time the twelve couples only have to hurry and sign up on the civil registry office’s website before anyone else.