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It’s not just mate and communal goblets of Fernet that set the generous mood down here. In a country like Argentina, with so many traditions revolving around the act of sharing, it’s no surprise that this value set can be seen in the live music scene as well. Chances are you’ve already witnessed a proper jam session at some point during your time in Buenos Aires. If you are new to the scene, this city is an absolute magnet for talented folks. It’s not hard to get in on the action once you know where to look.

There is a certain magic to jam sessions. They are improvised, and with that comes a little uncertainty, but in a country famous for this, these sessions tend to be worth the risk for both musicians and audiences alike. There are a few venues around town where this musical alchemy can be witnessed, with multiple bars, parks, and cafes opening themselves to young talent. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a win win. These sessions are great places for artists to be seen while audiences to get the chance to see something fresh and raw. If either of these scenarios sound up your alley, you should definitely check out the following:

Folk You Mondays

FYM happens every Monday in Recoleta and is open to every genre. Contrary to it’s name, anyone with the guts and ganas to show what they’ve been working on is welcomed to play. Also full disclosure, I help organize FYM but will try to be unbiased in explaining why it’s such a solid option – starting with the place. All this goes down in a magical venue called “La Dama de Bollini” (Pasaje Bollini 2281). Forty pesos to get in for listeners and experience up to 10 different sets.  Musicians walk right in, get drinks on the house, and depending on the format of their band also get travel expenses paid for. Each band or solo artist gets a chance to play 5 songs with a sound engineer and photographer also being part of the mix. If interested in playing send a private message to FYM through their FB page.

PLB_Logochiqui – Papi lo Burguese

Open Folk

Every Tuesday there’s Open Folk. An awesome movement that brings talented Folk musicians together in “El Universal” in Palermo (Pasaje Soria 4940). Every Wednesday, in that same venue, an event called Open Blues also takes place. The entrance is free and each musician gets a drink. Each act gets to play 3 songs. A sound engineer is also on the scene making sure everything sounds on key with a photographer documenting the evening. If interested in playing, send a private message through to their FB page and ask for more info for the night that interests you the most.

1935635_941382312622278_1746382279119850885_n – Jay Bird

Korova Expo and Open Mic

Another option on Thursday is Korova Expo and Open mic which also happens to be a good place to showcase artwork should you be more artistically inclined. Open mic is scheduled with anticipation so sign up by sending a private message to their FB page. As well as if you are interested in being part of the photography or art expo. The event is free for audiences and musicians with each set playing 3-4 songs. The venue has different areas: gallery space, patio and a bar with friendly prices. The overall atmosphere of Thursday nights at Korova is totally worth checking out.

12042775_1659980664246655_995388706784336178_n – Cinturón de Kuiper

Folk hasta Que Se Ponga El Sol

For a more “off the beaten path” option, leaving traditional venues aside and creating a musical hangout, Folk hasta Que Se Ponga El Sol  takes place during the weekends near the river in San Isidro. Here are directions for those of you who have trouble envisioning a life outside Capital Federal. It’s free because yay public spaces! Bring a blanket, drinks, snacks and enjoy the afternoon listening to live music. The stage they create is simply beautiful and has all the sound equipment necessary. To find out when the next edition is and how you can play contact them via FB with a demo of your project.

680_1666310773585567_2262188312872694480_n – Terrenal

You don’t have to be a musician to be interested in this next event. Sofar Sounds is a global movement that hosts private concerts every month, in venues that change every time, and creates a unique atmosphere for every show. They do a full recording of your set and choose the best song and turn it into a video. It’s a BYOB event that can definitely be used to fuel some inspiration and get to know a lot of talent.

To sign in register here

Sofar Sounds Buenos Aires

Sofar Sounds have now expanded out of the city into:

Mar del Plata




These are only some of the unique ongoing jam sessions and open mic nights Buenos Aires has to offer. If you haven’t checked these out, you should consider including them in your bucket list. Running with the theme of bringing awesome music into your life, I will wrap things up by sharing Musiquita en la cocina with you. It’s a channel that started in Argentina. Created by musicians, the platform aims to share different musical projects – all recorded in a kitchen space. It’s charming, it’s cool, and for those of you who enjoy discovering new local talent it is a wonderful side to go along with your morning coffee.