Photo via The Buenos Aires Herald (Screenshot)

The emblematic Buenos Aires Herald celebrates its 140th anniversary today and we at The Bubble couldn’t be happier to wish the fourth oldest newspaper in Argentina — and the only daily English-language newspaper in Latin America — a happy birthday.

The daily paper celebrated with a special edition today that far from being a saccharine-infused celebration with platitudes about a bright future was a sober analysis of the challenges that the newspaper — and print media in general — is facing.

“As this newspaper marks its 140th anniversary today, it would be slick enough to write that we are now looking forward to the next 140 years but life is not so simple today with the existential crisis confronting the print media,” notes the lead piece published under the broad headline, Challenging Times.

The newspaper has overcome many difficulties in its history, particularly during the last military dictatorship from 1976-1983. During that time, the Herald was the only local newspaper that covered the forced disappearances of the brutal dictatorship, a recurring theme throughout the pieces published today.

Here are six of the pieces from today’s edition that particularly stood out. In no particular order:

“Another slick cliché might be to say that we are 140 years young today but we prefer to take pride in our age while moving with the times — there is more than enough change in today’s world and we best balance it with the analytical perspective and the ethical values which thrive the most in continuity,” notes the paper today.