María Eugenia Vidal went on Susana Giménez last night to talk about her role as the governor of Buenos Aires. And, of course, this being Susana, she also had to get into her recent divorce.

“You don’t have to be macho and yell all the time,” Vidal said of her position as the leader of the country’s most populous province. “You must have conviction.” She also discussed inheriting the office from the last government and her goal to combat drug trafficking and restore faith in the province’s law enforcement and judicial systems.

The way Vidal and husband Ramiro Tagliaferro split following 18 years of marriage was one of the big post-election shocks. The pair had met in university and had three children before announcing their divorce earlier this year, just as Vidal was swearing into her new position.

When discussing her divorce, Vidal spent most of the time talking about her three children who were watching from the audience, saying that she tries to be home by 9pm every night to hang out with them, find out how their day went, and catch up. When they’re with their father, she puts in longer hours.

“I don’t think there is just one thing that leads to the end of a marriage,” she said. “You always think it’s never going to happen to you.” Vidal went on to say that the whole thing “was difficult for the both of us but the truth is we were very focused on our children,” she said. Throughout the brief conversation, Vidal addressed what was surely a highly charged personal topic in a very mature and neutral way. She was able to keep a smile on her face the entire time without it seeming forced, always looking between her kids and Giménez, and didn’t spend too much time talking about her ex. All in all she appeared calm and cool, without giving enough detail to her personal life for it to turn into the basis of a TV movie.

And just like that, before we realized it, we were witnessing another episode of how to do politics right, starring María Eugenia Vidal.