Foto Via: Clarín

LGBT Pride month is coming to a close and Buenos Aires has decided to make its support and recognition of the community public. Today, the Rainbow Flag waved proudly in the center of the City promoting LGBT equality and respect.

The flag raising coincides with an important event in LGBT history: on June 28th, the Stonewall riots took place in New York in 1969. Police raided the Stonewall Pub and the LGBT community responded by organizing protests in response to unfair treatment at the hands of law enforcement. These events turned June 28th the universal LGBT Pride Day and the protests evolved into the LGBT Pride parades we celebrate today.

In commemoration of International LGBT Pride Day, the sub-secretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism along with the General Direction of Coexistence amongst Diverse Porteños have organized a ceremony to show their support.

During the Ceremony, they let the Rainbow Flag hang from the decorative “BA” grass sculpture which sits in front of Buenos Aires’ obelisk.