It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Buenos Aires Food Week, which celebrates its ninth year of letting us stuff our faces for less money than it would normally cost this month. Haven’t been? Sacrilege! Partnering with dozens of restaurants around the city, the popular food festival offers discounted set menus at some top eateries. This year, lunch with set you back AR $240, while dinner costs AR $390. The event started on April 17, but for those who haven’t made it out yet, there’s still plenty of time to eat and imbibe on a budget before Food Week ends on April 30.

1. Try althe wines


The Buenos Aires food scene is renowned for its wines year round, of course, but this year Food Week has decided to make the beverage a special feature of the festival. They’ve partnered with Bodega Nieto Senetiner, one of the most prestigious wineries in Argentina. Some of the Mendoza bodega’s finest reserves will be on offer for a discounted price at many restaurants during Food Week. Try the Don Nicanor Malbec, a perennial favorite that’s been highly rated by and other top critics. Just be aware that most participating restaurants usually charge extra for beverages. It’s worth the splurge.

2. Sample the best sushi the city has to offer


Sushi has exploded over the past few years in Argentina, and Buenos Aires Food Week is on top of the trend, offering an array of some of the city’s best-quality sushi restaurants. They range from Mizuki, the slick Puerto Madero traditionalist, to Fabric Sushi Nikkei, the hip experimental joint in Palermo. There’s also a selection of Peruvian-style sushi restaurants, which leads us to…

3. Have a taste of Peru (minus the $500 flight ticket)


For those who are ready for a change from the rich pastas and meats of traditional Argentine restaurants, light, flavorful Peruvian cuisine couldn’t be more different. Which might explain why it seems to be having a moment in Buenos Aires, something that’s reflected in the Food Week selected restaurants. Palermo’s Olaya specializes in Peruvian fusion, Cosqo Peruvian Sushi offers some of the city’s freshest seafood, while Sipan Palmeritano is an upscale, fine dining experience.

4. Take advantage of as many “welcome cocktails” as possible


This year, Buenos Aires Food Week has partnered with Campari as a sponsor. That means fruity, refreshing cocktails come free with every Food Week meal as a “welcome cocktail.” Tread with caution, though — the Campari Oranges and Negroni Spritzes on offer may be free, but it’s hard to stop with just one. Some of the city’s most talented mixologists will also be joining restaurants to mix up specialty cocktails suited to their particular menu and atmosphere.

5. Spend a night (or two) in Tigre


As temperatures turn cooler and drier in Buenos Aires, who needs an excuse to pop up to Tigre for a long weekend along the delta? If you did need a reason, Food Week provides one: two of Nordelta’s top restaurants are participating in the festival’s deals and discounts. Sipan, the beloved Asian fusion joint with several locations within the city, is participating in Buenos Aires Food Week at its Nordelta location in the Hotel Wyndham in Tigre, where you can enjoy the luxurious hotel and stunning views alongside your meal. For even more beautiful views overlooking the bay, head to Pichon’s dark, modern space for excellent mixology and a colorful assortment of international cuisine.

6. Finish up with classic Argentine fine dining


After Buenos Aires Food Week has taken you around the world (and the province), you’ll be ready for an classic Argentine meal, executed perfectly. As unconventional as the Food Week lineup is, there’s always space for some of the city’s staple restaurants, serving up traditional with a twist. Head to Puerto Madero, where many of the best parillas and Italian restaurants, from La Cabaña’s succulent grilled meats to Sottovoce’s high-end pastas, are participating. Happy eating!