Photo via Infobae

Alas, relief is on its way. In a record-breaking 8 day heatwave for February which has felt like 38.2 degrees – surpassing the 6 day record of 1981- the quite literal hell on earth we have been enduring is finally due to end today.

Speaking to Clarín, Ignacio López from the National Weather Service explained that a cold front will be arriving from Dolores and Mar del Plata which will mean cooler temperatures. The minimum temperature will be 17 degrees and the maximum 27- and the weekend will be same. Next week may see a few higher temperatures of 30 or 31 degrees but it won’t be a heatwave.

The heatwave has created such a demand for energy that Argentina had to import energy from its neighbouring countries, but apparently even that wasn’t enough as the heatwave yesterday left an estimated 130 000 users in certain areas of Buenos Aires without power, while some have been without power for days.

February bids an overdue goodbye to to the 77th recorded heatwave in Buenos Aires, though thankfully it did not reach the 43.3 degrees of 1957.

Let’s pray that the Meteorologists have it right and the relief will arrive today after bouts of predicted rain.