UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 01: Photo of Ella Fitzgerald; Agency: Redferns (Photo by Gilles Petard/Redferns)

April will be a glorious month for local jazz lovers out there; “Why” You ask? It’s that time of year again — jazz appreciation month! This year’s edition focuses on “Women In Jazz”, marking the centennial of late great goddess, Ella Fitzgerald.

Not one to pass up such occasions, Buenos Aires will be bustling with those ever sweet symphonies every Tuesday night for its own “Women in Jazz” project thanks to Barsandarts. Hosted at the Palermo-based Carnal, four acts will play throughout the month, one every Tuesday from 10PM, with the aim of showing the importance of women within the genre.

Each night will boast a scrumptious selection of cocktails along with a menu crafted to replicate Yanqui delicacies from the jazz hubs of New Orleans, Chicago and New York. Expect a medley including deep dish pizza, pickled Pastrami sandwiches and Gumbo soup.

A little context

Women’s involvement in the genre is fundamental to its existence and its evolution. Common names amongst the bunch are the likes of Billie Holiday (a.k.a Lady Day), Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.


The story starts back in the early 20s in America, the birth of jazz. Amongst male performers resolutely stood female jazz artists, many of which led the way for countless musicians. One key figure was Mary Lou Williams. Williams was a pianist during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. As well as performing, she wrote hundreds of songs for such prominent figures as Duke Ellington, and helped train the greats of Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

Want to become more acquainted with women’s role in jazz? Have a watch of the informative documentary, “The Girls In The Band”“I’d say 90 percent of the jazz musicians working today know absolutely nothing about any of these historical women,” says creator Judy Chaikin, who worked on the documentary for eight years.

What’s in store at Carnal

Abril Olivera I April 4th

Sensational singing is first to appear on the bill. This Buenos Aires based trio consists of Abril on the voice box, Diego Olivera on keys and Julia Sabatini as the double bass plucker. Soulful singing to kick start the jazz medley.


Art Zaldivar- Ella Fitzgerald tribute I April 11th

The only male led performance in the project, Art Zalvidar will be paying tribute to the legendary sound of Ella Fitzgerald. Growing up between Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires, Art began his career in the world of Jazz in 2012. Upon his emergence on the Argentine scene, his talent became recognised, making him known as one of the most gifted swing voices in the country. Art will be backed by Tavo Doreste on keys, Hernan Fridman on double bass, Juanma Torres on electric guitar and Andres Dellacasa on the drums.

Art will be hailing one of the widely acknowledged queens of jazz, Ella Fitzgerald. Ella set in stone a legacy and sound that continues to influence the genre today. Celebrated for her extraordinary and dynamic vocal range Ella was the first African American to receive a grammy, Ella was a proficient scatter known for her melodic and perfectly placed scatting snippets. You can witness the magic here.


Mara Cantero Just Four I April 18th

Entwining their compositions with classic jazz compositions, you can expect to hear a medley of classics, relived and reworked by this quartet, comprised of vocals from the talented Mara Cantero, Dante Picca on piano, Diego Rodriguez on double bass and Eloy Michelini beating those drums.


Yamile Burich & Ladies Jazz  I April 25th

Closing off the proceedings will be this groovy group of gals. Yamile has been bopping around the Buenos Aires scene for a decade now, following a bout of musically driven globe trotting to key jazz spots such as New York and New Orleans. She founded the quintet three years back and they’ve been going strong ever since, producing two albums to date “Ahora! (2015) and “Random (2016) .

Influenced by the likes of Charlie Parker, bebop is a soundbite reigning through this jazzy ensemble alongside nuggets of swing and blues. Yamile Burich will be tooting the sax with Patricia Grinfeld on guitar, Diana Arias on the double bass and percussion coming from Analia Ferronato on the drums and Carolina Cohen on the conga (a Cuban based creation). Expect to witness tuneful toots and foot taps the many. 

Yamile Burich Ladies Jazz


Tuesday Evenings: April 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th from 10PM onwards


Carnal (Niceto Vega 5511)

How much

Entry is free